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The Arms Family Archive is a website devoted to the history of the Arms family. We provide genealogical information, historical accounts, photographic resources and some multimedia materials. The Archive is maintained by Roland F. Arms who resides in Boscobel, Wisconsin with assistance and contributions from other family members.

Our History
Our branch of the Arms family is not connected to the older, earlier established branch brought to the Americas by William Arms. Our branch was brought here by Thomas Perkins who arrived in Boston in 1765, deserted from the British navy, changed his name to Arms and settled in northern Vermont. From there our Arms family moved westward through New York, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin. Some members went on to South Dakota and as far as California. Some of this is disputed, but there is clear evidence to support this theory in historical records, most notably a book by Edward W. Arms published in 1877.

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If you have information to share about our family, please contact me by email at roland@rolandarms.com, or by phone at 1-608-391-3067. I will promptly respond to discuss how to share information. Also, please contact me to report problems with the functioning of this website.