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There is a hidden side of your self that traditional Astrology ignores completely. But, Taoism looks at everything in terms of yin and yang, and does not overlook this hidden side. Yang in Astrology represents what you express with great abundance and this is what traditional Astrology concerns itself with. In Taoist Astrology, we also consider the yin which is the part of you that is growing and developing. Simply put, yang reflects what you are; and yin reflects what you are becoming. By looking at the total chart and person, Taoist Astrology gives a more complete and useful interpretation. I use the sidereal zodiac because it gives the true astronomical position of the planets.

About Me
I am a Taoist Astrologer, counselor, writer and teacher. I began my spiritual studies in 1972 with the field of Astrology. By 1977, I was a practicing Astrologer giving readings & preparing reports. In 1979, I began attending UW-Sheboygan part-time where I studied Communications, Computers and Philosophy. I received my Associate of Arts Degree in 1983. During this time, I also attended Unity Christian Fellowship in Sheboygan, Wisconsin where I studied meditation and spiritual healing. I also served on their Board of Directors, and taught classes in Astrology. In addition, I prepared a daily Astrology forecast for a local radio station. I have given lectures on Astrology at both Lakeland College and UW-Sheboygan. I have had an article on Taoist Astrology published in American Astrology magazine titled Taoist Sun Signs. I am the founder, and current publisher of the Taoist Daily Quote found on Facebook & the TaoWoods Center website. All my services are provided on a love-offering basis.

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